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EU midterm4 - Harder 1 Dan Har der POL 263: Eur op ea n P...

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Harder 1 Dan Harder POL 263: European Politics Dr. Marc O’Reilly 4 March 2008 Question IV: Europhiles and Euroskeptics Throughout the years of the EU there have been many individuals that have liked the concept of a Union and also there are ones that are opposed to the concept, these individuals are called Euophiles and Euroskeptics. As discussed in class the Euroskeptics routinely draw attention to its economic difficulties such as the slow economic growth and exceedingly high unemployment one well known Euroskeptic is Margaret Thatcher. McCormick states that it is also normal for the Euroskeptics to denounce the Commission and those commissioners are not elected. Europhiles are the optimistic persons or states of the EU, Jacque DeLors and Luxembourg are two common Europhiles. Europhiles are who give Europe hope towards European Integration. The smallest member of the Benelux countries, Luxembourg has always been a proponent to integration. EU barometer states that Luxembourg has the largest
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EU midterm4 - Harder 1 Dan Har der POL 263: Eur op ea n P...

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