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FYE 100 Prof. Sass 3 December 2007 Inherit the Wind Bertram Cates, A small, Southern town teacher is convicted of doing only what he is paid to do; enlighten young minds. However, these scientific teachings were known as Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin’s Theory is looked down upon according to the bible and is considered very irreverent. Drummond, Cates’ lawyer describes the teaching as a freedom of thought and advancement in human progress. An identical trial, formidably known as Intelligent Design is still going on to this day. As the pattern of the class goes, all of these characters show some kind of courage in one way or another. Reverend Jeramiah Brown is considered the religious authority in Hillsboro, he is a preacher of creed based on god punishing sinners; instilling fear in those who commit such transgressions. His respect from others was acquired from his trust in god and his utmost confidence in his self. He was not afraid to speak his mind, even to his own family. When his daughter, Rachel Brown said that
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inherit the wind - Dan Harde r FYE 1 00 Prof. Sass 3 De...

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