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politics final - (December 6, 2007) MEMORANDUM TO: Alberto...

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Unformatted text preview: (December 6, 2007) MEMORANDUM TO: Alberto M. Fernandez FROM: RE: Dan Harder Proposal for Peace and Security in Darfur 1. Action Requested: Please review, approve, or comment upon the proposal below. 2. Background: Conflicts o o o Between southern non-Arabic and non-Muslim Sudanese over economic political and social domination, a civil war has occurred over the past 40 years. 2 million people have died over 3 decades. Rebel fights between the SLM/A led by Abdul Wahid al-Nur and JEM led by Khalil Ibrahim. Trafficking People o Oil Men, women and children are trafficked to other countries for forced labor and sexual exploitation children are also being used in rebel armies to fight in Darfur. o Sudan sells all their oil to China who returns the favor with financial and military support. Border Patrol o o Many refugees are forced into Darfur The fighting in Sudan has caused Sudanese to move to neighboring countries at refugee camps. 3. Strategy: Great Power Concert o With the EU or EP providing hegemony over the Darfur region, they will have complete control the government, giving them power to run a free market economy and a stabilized democratic government system. Complex Multilateralism and Integration o o o With a complex multilateralism, it ties in with a great power concert. A "one for all" idea for common security is established. Human rights and democracy is emphasized. Integrate hegemony by the EU to control government policies in the region. 4. Tactics: Peace building o Implement it politically with democracy and elections. Judicially with a rule of law and a respect for human rights. Economically with a free market and some form of a safety net. Also socially with educations, information, and a sense of security. Promote physical safety and human rights but also enforce economic opportunity and fairness. 5. Approve or comment: ...
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politics final - (December 6, 2007) MEMORANDUM TO: Alberto...

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