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advertisefinalpaper - Harder 1 Dan Harder Professor Distel...

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Harder 1 Dan Harder Professor Distel English 101 23 February 2008 Advertising: Wrong Or Right? In the article “The Indictments Against Advertising” by Courtland L. Bovee and William F. Arens, there is a dispute about advertising in today’s society. The authors take the point of view that is biased to advertising. They say many advertisments give a negative look towards the goals, but in the end, they also state something good about advertising. Many people have a view on advertising in today’s society and the authors say their views, but many issues can be argued throughout the paper. Such as the article being a logical argument, the article being easy to read, do the authors provide good evidence for their argument? Do the authors stay on the main point? Is the article intended for the right audience and does the article state both point of views for the subject? Overall, I believe this article was convincing, which is what the goal is for advertisers Like Aren’s and Bovee’s article, “Niche market pioneer Edward Boyd dies” by Herb Boyd, they focused on stereotyping and discriminations. The article states that “It was at Pepsi Cola, where Boyd was hired in 1947 as a young sales executive, that he expanded his job title, promoting the product and tackling the longstanding practice of discrimination and denigration so pervasive in advertising from Wall Street to Main Street” (Boyd 1). This was a big jump for advertising in the fact that it was perceived as stereotypical. This made products available to everyone in the United States. “Consumer charges of ethnic and racial bias and of animal abuse
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Harder 2 in advertising were made to federal and business regulatory agencies for some time” (Bovee and Arens 688). This was all changed when Boyd did his advertisement for Pepsi-Cola. This was a
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advertisefinalpaper - Harder 1 Dan Harder Professor Distel...

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