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7th response paper

7th response paper - Rohit Sreedharan Anthropology 101 11A...

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Rohit Sreedharan Anthropology 101 11A Week 10 Response Paper 1. According to Lavenda and Schultz, a rite of passage is “when one or more members os a society are ritually transformed from one kind of social person into another.” Usually this involves a child becoming an adult in a society. This event is probably important to societies because it helps the society define when a person becomes an adult. It is a completely arbitrary choice on when a society deems it necessary that a child is old enough to become an adult, and a rite of passage ritual will just facilitate this. Rites of passage make it easier for a society to give more responsibility to a child. Every society wants to make the most out of what they have. By having coming-of-age rites of passage, the society can then make the “new adult” do more for the society than he/she did as a child. 2. Gender is a word defined more by the society than by the biological sex of a person. It “is
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