Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Jeanne St Romain Theatre 1020 Dr Fletcher 29...

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Jeanne St. Romain Theatre 1020 Dr. Fletcher 29 October 2007 Chapter 9 Study Guide—The Art of Design 1. If someone who does not know me were to walk into my room, he or she would probably think that I am a very messy person; however, once my closet is opened, he or she will see that I am actually very organized and anal about how my clothes are arranged. The stranger will probably want to borrow my shoes because they are very cute and I have a ton. This is not an uncommon occurrence; all of my friends try to borrow my size 7 shoes even if they wear a 9. While I am very disorganized around my study area, my closet and vanity are very well put together. The stranger looking through my room would probably assume that I do not care about school, only partying; however, this is very untrue. I am a very hard worker; I just never work around my desk that is why it is messy. 2. Proscenium Thrust Arena Black Box
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3. Image: Freshman at LSU studying for finals Realism : The scene would take place in a dorm room with all of the bedding coordinating. There would be fluorescent lighting, possibly some outfits thrown on the floor.
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Chapter 4 - Jeanne St Romain Theatre 1020 Dr Fletcher 29...

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