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Chapter 2 - Jeanne St Romain Theatre 1020 Dr Fletcher 15...

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Jeanne St. Romain Theatre 1020 Dr. Fletcher 15 October 2007 Study Guide Ch. 7 The Art of Acting 1. If I had to perform a one minute monologue in front of the class, I probably would not be too nervous. I am used to this kind of thing because of my Drama English class last year. We had to put on short plays almost every single class, and although we were not graded on our acting abilities, we were expected to be able to perform under pressure and in front of a crowd. I might be a little nervous, however, because I do not know most of the people in this class. I expected to have to do some sort of acting in this class because, after all, this is Theatre 1020 not science. 2. If Suzuki’s crazy method of acting were the norm in the United States, I do not think that many people would watch TV, see movies, or go to plays very often. Personally, I cannot stand feet and the fact that there
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is a method of acting that draws total attention to the feet utterly disgusts me. I would never sit myself in front of the TV, nor would I pay any kind of money to watch a person act with their feet. This does not interest me. Acting should show emotion, not stinky feet!! On the other hand, Stanislavski’s method of acting is pure genius.
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