review2 - Primary election McGovern-Fraser Commission...

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Primary election – McGovern-Fraser Commission – alters democrats nominating process; delegates chosen in primaries (primary election; women, younger members, minorities; power shifts from elites to voters Horserace mentality – focus is on who is winning and losing (not on “the issues”) Soft money – contributions given by interest groups, labor unions, and individual donors that is not subject to regulation by the federal government Electoral college – Power to persuade – the president shall “from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the Union”; State of the Union address; power is used much more publicly today; presidency as a “bully pulpit”; ability of president to convince people to act the way he wants them to; no congressional check on this power State of the Union address – speech given by the President in January every year to Congress that fulfills the constitutional requirement to update Congress on the State of the Union Pocket Veto – stops bills passed at the end of a session Honeymoon period – presidents are most likely to be successful during their honeymoon periods Brownlow Commission – group of public commission experts; assess executive branch and how effective it was working; presidential staff should grow to maintain complexity; key factor in presidential staff expanding over time; “The President needs help.” (1936) Executive order – directives that carry the weight of law although they were not enacted
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review2 - Primary election McGovern-Fraser Commission...

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