Definitions for Exam 2

Definitions for Exam 2 - Definitions for Exam 2 BOOKS...

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Definitions for Exam 2 BOOKS Papyrus—a type of reed used to make an early form of paper Parchment—an early form of paper made from animal skins Codex—a book written on parchment pages that were cut and bound on one side; Developed by the Romans in 1 st century A.D.; First book to resemble today’s familiar format Technological determinism—theory that states that the introduction of new technology changes society, sometimes in unexpected ways Oral culture—a culture in which information is transmitted more by speech than by writing Chapbook—inexpensive early form of paperback containing mostly stories to be read for pleasure Rag content—proportion of cotton or linen fiber in high-quality paper Dime novels—inexpensive fiction, popular in the 1860s, that sold for 10 cents; also called pulp novels Pulp novels—paperback books printed on cheap paper made from wood pulp Public domain—the realm embracing works on which the copyright has expired Trade paperback—a quality paperback book with a larger trim size than the standard mass-market paperback Audiobooks—books recorded on tape or some other medium E-books—books that exist as digital files Hypertext fiction—interactive stories that allow the reader to change the plot as the narrative is read Trade books—fiction and nonfiction books sold to the general public On spec—on speculation; in the publishing industry, finishing a work without a contract guaranteeing that it will be bought Royalties—the author’s share of the net amount of a work’s revenues Acquisition editor—an editor who obtains books to be published Developmental editor—an editor who works directly with the author during the writing of a book, going over each chapter and suggestion major revision Copy editor—an editor who polishes a manuscript line by line and prepares it for typesetting Genre—type of writing, such as romance or mystery
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University press—a publisher that is affiliated with an institution of higher education and that publishes mostly academic books, especially original research by college professors Small press—a publisher with few employees and minimal facilities; try to publish serious books, especially
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Definitions for Exam 2 - Definitions for Exam 2 BOOKS...

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