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Anatomy and Physiology_19FEB08 - III Anatomy and...

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III. Anatomy and Physiology (4 and 5 chapters) A. Miracle of the body-see written notes 14 FEB 1. Brain 2. Ear 3. Universe a. the universe is blind, deaf, and dumb b. it takes the human to create the sound, light, and knowledge 4. A human is a miracle-Genitals are a miracle B. Embryonic development 1. evidence suggests that the male developed from the female 2. genitals develop very early=outside a. at six weeks it appears female-indifferent genitalia b. every male genital part there is an equivalent that the male part developed from c. with the influence of testosterone =7th week -inner lips close, form tube and form the penile shaft d. penile shaft=inner labial lips e. clitoris=penile head f. 10th week- outer labial lips=scrotal sack g. 12 week-genitals are complete 3. genitalia inside a. fallopian tube=vas defrans -early development=have both=called the Mulleiran system (female) -stronger than the male system and stops the production of wolferens system -two working systems-true hermaphrodite -male-wolfians system=testosterone, mullerian Inhibiting substance (MIS) -vas defrans and internal testes C. Male System (Chapter 5) 1. Scrotal Sac a. length several factors-testes 1. nerve cord-spremadic cord 2. sperm production-no body temp too warm a. spermadic cord relaxes and lowers from body(warm) b. contracts when cold brings closer to body c. lower sperm count-too much female hormones in them b. tubles in testes-semeniforous tubules 1. wind around each other 2. produces sperm 3. collect at epididymis c. interstitual cells-produce testosterone 1. leaves the testes though capillaries into the blood 2. get a good testosterone count from a needle prick 2. epididimis-houses sperm cells and above the testicle a. located above testicle 3. vas deferens-takes sperm from epididymis to seminal vesicle
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4. Sperm a. midpiece mitochondria is body b. head=nucleus and DNA -capsule is head acrosome is covering -23 DNA
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Anatomy and Physiology_19FEB08 - III Anatomy and...

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