Jan17,29 - January 17, 2008 Eric Jannazzo...

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January 17, 2008 Eric Jannazzo esjannazzo@gmail.com Group: (Miranda and Erica) Erica: erica_zarzour@yahoo.com 936-443-6591 Masturbation: Fact: Everyone (98%) does it at some point in their life Source of stress relief Cheating: Fact: Both men and women cheat Sexuality from last century: Fact: Promiscuity and homosexuality was more taboo Celibacy: Fact: The number 1 way to protect yourself from HIV or STDs Kissing: Fact: blah blah blah A fact is a statement in which it is possible to gather evidence of the scientific kind and the overwhelming evidence suggest that the statement is accurate. A definition is a word or a group of words which attempt to give meaning to another word or symbol. Definitions gain their power from acceptance, not for being true or false. -We are all brainwashed as children into accepting what words mean -Definitions are NOT right or wrong January 29, 2008 Read chapters 1 and 2 for the next couple of lectures Review: Make up an example of a value? “You shouldn’t kiss on the first date”
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Jan17,29 - January 17, 2008 Eric Jannazzo...

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