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February 12, 2008 Rank Sexism: Valentines Day is an example of this. Ads are for men to buy gifts for women Selfish sexists: are okay when things are in their favor (ex. Women do not protest the fact that they do not have to sign up for the draft) against sexism when it is not in your favor and for sexism when it is in your favor How it that we view men more sexual than women, when throughout history women were viewed as more sexual? Over 600 years, particularly women were punished for being sexual. So women hid it/repressed it. It included torturing and burning women for consorting with the devil. Considered them witches. 1456 First printing press 1518 Martin Luther: 95 thesis on the disposition for classification of power of indulgences 1534 Henry XIII: Act of supremacy 1869 Pope Pirrs (?) IX 1872 Victoria Wodhull runs for president -Had an influence on the idea that women are not supposed to be sexual. She got rich from befriending on of the richest men in America and the printing press
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