Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Role of Hormones in Sexual Behavior...

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Chapter 6 Role of Hormones in Sexual Behavior : Steroid Hormones : (Sex hormones) secreted by the testes/ovaries and the adrenal glands -Male hormones: androgens , 95% produced by testes. Woman produce the same amount -BOTH sexes produce male AND female hormones - Testosterone : the dominant androgen in both males AND females Neuropeptide Hormones : Influences arousal, attraction, and response components of sexuality. Produced by the brain . Oxytocin : “love hormone” one of most important neuropeptide hormones -Influences our erotic and emotional attraction Sex Hormones in Male Sexual Behavior -Testosterone has a greater affect on male sexual desire (libido) than functioning -Low testosterone may = little interest, but still capable on erection -Influences genital sensitivity, thus, deficiency can decrease pleasure - Orchidectomy : castration operation -Sometimes performed as treatment for genital tuberculosis or prostate cancer -Research: Significantly reduced sexual interest/activity, whereas some found continued sexual desire without supplementary testosterone treatment -More often sexual desire diminishes, indicating that testosterone is an important biological instigator of desire - Antiandrogens : androgen blocking drugs -Been used to treat sex offenders and prostate cancer. Not completely effective treatment for sex offenders, especially if assaults stem from nonsexual motives such as anger/power -Drastically reduce the amount of testosterone in blood stream - Hypogonadism : state of testosterone deficiency that results from diseases of the endocrine system. Also associated with the aging process) -If occur BEFORE puberty, maturation of primary/secondary sex characteristics is retarded- may never develop sexual interest -Hypogonadal men who receive hormone treatments often experience a return of normal sexual interest/activity Sex Hormones in Female Sexual Behavior - Estrogen : contributes to sense of well-being, maintain thickness/elasticity of vaginal lining, and contribute to lubrication -BUT its role in female sexual behavior is UNCLEAR -Research1: Women who had ovaries removed and receive estrogen therapy (ET) experience heightened lubrication and increased sexual desire, pleasure, and orgasmic capacity -ET provides “mood-mellowing” benefits-creates emotional atmosphere receptive of sexual involvement. Also may improve self-confidence… -Research2: found ET to have NO impact on sexual desire, decrease libido
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- Testosterone : plays important role as major libido hormone in females -Clear causal relationship between testosterone level and sexual desire, genital sensitivity, and frequency of sexual activity How Much Testosterone is Necessary for Normal Sexual Functioning ?? -Testosterone in both sexes comes in two forms:
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Role of Hormones in Sexual Behavior...

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