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The Matrix Paper - Andrew Bowen College Writing I The...

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Andrew Bowen College Writing I 9/13/07 The Matrix and The Republic Comparison Reality is a word that has been defined as, something that exists independently of all other things and from which all other things derive (reality). For something to exist, you have to believe in it. So you could say that reality is in existence because of common beliefs. How closely related are knowledge and belief? The Matrix is a movie about believing in yourself and finding the true you. Neo is brought into a world that has existed all around him, yet his eyes have never seen before. A single man is brought out of the cave to learn what he believes his whole life is only a flake of reality. Were the cave shadows a reality when that is all he knew? Was the Matrix a true world when that is all Neo knew? How did they know what was real and what wasn’t. The two men had grown throughout this quest of finding what is “real.” When do they really begin to believe that what they are being taught is real? Both Neo and Plato’s caveman, have no way of turning back from what they now know. They can never go back to how they once lived. Was it fate for them to be chosen? I believe that fate, belief, knowledge and realism are all tied together as one. When Neo is brought into the new world he believes the only thing that is real, is the world he came from. Little did he know that his world was a fake simulation living within a reality. The shadows in the cave were all that Plato’s character knew. That was his world in the beginning. Similar to Neo, his world was made by a bigger and a more real world. They were both born to think that the illusion they were living in was the
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only real thing in their life. What Neo thought was real was all based on his beliefs. Sometimes throughout the movie Neo’s beliefs helped to stretch reality.
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