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W131 Photo Comparison Essay

W131 Photo Comparison Essay - Josie Brush Emer Vaughn...

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Josie Brush Emer Vaughn English W131, Section 2835 Microtheme 5 Slide 2 is a black and white photo taken in Portsmouth, VA. at a lunch counter sit in. The photo is focused on one white student, surrounded by African Americans, who appears to be uncomfortable and not part of the protest. Slide 6 shows a large group of African Americans participating in the March on Washington in 1963. In the center of the photo there is a white male who appears to be alone and not holding a sign. Both of the slides chosen for analysis give the viewer a glimpse into the period in which they were taken. The photos show an important time in America’s history, and most of the participants in the photos seem very focused on their goal: desegregation. However, there is one person in each photo offering himself to the viewers. The white student in Slide 2 is looking directly into the camera as if making a plea for help, and the while male in the center of Slide 6 is also looking at the camera, although perhaps not with the same purpose as the student in Slide 2.
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