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PSCY 1 - the ways endocrine affect behavior how...

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Jeremy Seidl 1/2/08 Psych 101 Chapter 1 Reflections This chapter talks about the definition and history of psychology, why it is a science, the 7 approaches to psychology, and what we gain form studying psychology. If a researcher were to study me the most important the most important factors to understanding me would be my mental process and my environment. This would reflect the humanistic movement and positive psychology approach because I think that I am the person who I am today because of the way my parents raised me. When I was younger they would reward and praise me for doing good things. They always told me that I I was my own person and I made my future based on my decisions. Chapter 2 Reflections Chapter 2 is about the nervous system and what it does, the way neurons connect and communicate with each other, the different parts of the brain and how they interact,
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Unformatted text preview: the ways endocrine affect behavior, how understanding our behavior in linked to genetics and evolutionary psychology. The differences between men and women’s brains are in men part of the hypothalamus is larger then women, parts of the corpus callosum are larger in women, men lose brain tissue sooner and more of it. These differences do not make all men better then women at task or all women better then men at cretin jobs. Just because the brain will do a task a different way doesn’t mean it is better or worse. I think the media reports information the way they do because it gets viewers and people like to hear things as simply as possible. I think many researchers are reluctant to study differences in the brain because they think it could be misunderstood or taken the wrong way and could offend people....
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