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Kyle Burns 112177325 Ellis Federal Government 4 September 2007 Locke Reading Assignment Some of the greatest minds of the United States of America got their ideas from John Locke, including most of the founding fathers. We, as a country, are founded on Locke’s thoughts and still use them today. The article, State of Nature, State of War , has many of Locke’s key points and argues that without a limited government, man would be in a perpetual state of war. The state of war is just a state of enmity and discontentment; this is completely opposite the state of nature, which is the state of peace. Locke was one of the great political philosophers and the democracies of the world still follow his basic premises on government. Locke states in the article what the states of nature and war are and why we need a limited government. He says that the state of nature is the state of freedom and equality, and we are all born with it. Locke is a 17 th Century Englishman, so he would most likely be Christian, and he declares that all of God’s children are given an equal chance at life. That is one of the ideas that the founders of America had as well. In fact, the phrase used by Thomas Jefferson, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is closely related to a phrase Locke used in one of his works. Locke debates that the government is for the people, and if the population is unhappy
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Locke reading assignment paper - Kyle Burns 112177325 Ellis...

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