zoo notes - Zoo Notes Recognition does not equal...

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Zoo Notes Recognition does not equal understanding Zoology-science dealing with the study of living animals Characterizing life What is life? Organization- Hierarchy of Organzation- starts from smallest and works its way up. Atoms, Molecules, Organelles, Cells, tissues, organ, organ system, organism, population, community, ecosystems, biosphere Emergent Property- A quality that appears as biological complexity increases. E.g. a hammer (stick and weight) IOW-coming together or transforming to make something better Phospholibid-fat molecule Bilayer-lets some things in and some things out Two Laws of Thermodynamics -energy cannot be created or destroyed -Every process increases the entropy (chaos) in the universe. Localized bubbles can increase order, but it borrows some of the energy from other things so the net sum is chaos. Organisms maintain order at the expense of increased entropy of its surroundings. Metabolism-Chemical reaction within cells that maintain life Maintamence of internal constancy- homeostasis Negative feedback-response to fight change CHARACTERISTICS OF LIFE Reproduction-life only comes from life Growth and Development
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Irritability-immediate response to a stimuli, happens within life Adaption-an inherited trait, happens generations Natural selection-enhanced survival and reproduction of certain individuals from a population. Based on inherited traits. Basis of evolution which changes the population. IOW-only the strong survive
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zoo notes - Zoo Notes Recognition does not equal...

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