The Lottery - Justin Crowley Composition 2 The lottery...

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Justin Crowley Composition 2 The lottery Critical Analysis The Lottery The short story The lottery generated great controversy when it was introduced to the world and till this day people still cringe when they read it for the first time. But why would a story that seems such fantasy scare people in such a way? This paper will talk about how and why this short story brought about such horror, some symbolism that could have been overlooked, and where that story stands now in present society’s outlook. The short story The Lottery by Shirley Jackson was a famous post- World War II story that proved that the work is far greater than the sum of its parts (Yarmove). This story was banned in Africa and was looked down upon from many other countries including the United States. One of the main reasons people of this time looked down upon the story is because it followed the holocaust that had just happened in Germany. After the holocaust many people felt that the impossible was now possible and if genocide could occur in Germany, why couldn’t this be happening here at home as the setting described? This story really took all aspects of people’s lives into consideration and this story was so incredibly real feeling, it was destined to send chills up people’s spines. In Africa, this read might have upset so many people because if they felt this was happening in America, where many dreamed as a wonderful place, how could they feel of their own society? In Europe this might have also dampened their feelings for the “New Country” and could have put scare into many individuals in the thought that this was really going on in America. One of the biggest concerns was that it was first published by “The New Yorker” magazine and this was a very credible, realistic magazine that talked about many of true issues, and when you combine this with the fact that Shirley Jackson wrote many of stories that also
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The Lottery - Justin Crowley Composition 2 The lottery...

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