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Justin Crowley Mr. Hankes Weight Training 11:00 Monday and Wednesday Periodization The weight lifting technique commonly known as periodization is a commonly used and very effect lifting strategy. Many professional body builders use the technique to help utilize and form their body to its full potential. The reason behind this is simple. As body builders and common lifters work out for a time period, the body will eventually predict that you are going to put strain on it. The problem with this is the body can then refuse to build more muscle because it knows you are trying to trick it. With this technique, lifters can actually bypass this plateau entirely and there body will not seize its growing. Periodization is basically the process of
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Unformatted text preview: working both the slow twitch muscles and fast twitch muscles to utilize ones full potential. Many people overlook the slow twitch muscles and thus leave around forty percent of themselves untrained and unfit. Many body builders have developed styles and routines based off periodization that they believe will help them and others reach their full potential. Most involve work outs nearly seven days a week and each day you concentrate on only a few major muscles. This way you are working out those particular muscles to the limits which in turn will make them grow. So in conclusion, periodization is a very effect technique that can be used to develop muscle growth and help bypass the plateaus that many athletes hate to face!...
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