Minnesota - Minnesota's Indians Minnesota has a very...

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Minnesota’s Indians Minnesota has a very interesting, very important Native American heritage! Native Americans, specifically the Dakota Indians, were one of the first people in this amazing state (Lass). They were the first and maybe only people to ever fully utilize the land, the seasons, and the animals. Native Americans were the only people in this state for many, many years and there have been many interesting events that have occurred sense they first came. In this paper, I will discuss the importance of Indians coming to and living in Minnesota, the interference of other Indians later coming here, and also the problems between the Indians and the white settlers. Native Americans are the heritage of Minnesota. The Indians came here sometime before 6000 B.C. There was an Indian girl that was discovered in Pelican Rapids that was dated to be between 7000 and 1200 years old! Later on there was another discovery. According to Lass there was an Indian man whose’ remains were found. His bones dated back 8000 years! He lived in the Paleo time were the Indians hunted big animals such as the giant beaver and the Mammoth. When the big animals were wiped out, so was this culture (p.37). The first Indians are thought to have come across the Bering Strait from somewhere around present day India. Experts think this because of the appearance and skin tone of Native Americans. There are nearly 10,000 years of history if not more that should be known about the Indians, unfortunately only the last few hundred years are documented. According to Lass, this is because they never developed a form of written language and never used documentation (pg 40). The way Native Americans passed on stories and facts was by word of mouth. The elders of the tribes were much respected because they were the story tellers of the tribe and they are the ones that passed on events and history. These stories as you can imagine have mostly been lost over the time. The Indians, as far as
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Minnesota - Minnesota's Indians Minnesota has a very...

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