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My thoughts on a Fresh Start

My thoughts on a Fresh Start - Justin Crowley Instructor...

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Justin Crowley Instructor Saiz Composition I October 10, 2007 My thoughts on a Fresh Start “You have to learn not to accept average. “ This is one of the first things that caught my attention in the article For a School, Hope, and a Fresh Start. This article touched on how my education has been and made me open my eyes to new ideas. Education is a very important part in our culture and everybody should be given an equal opportunity to excel in the classroom, however some schools are going too far to keep up with the challenging curriculum because teachers are bribing kids to do better, threatening kids to do better, and even changing what they teach to help them on state wide tests. In the article a teacher was quoted in saying he would give out dollar bills for correct questions. I don’t know what our society has gone to but students shouldn’t be paid for there knowledge on unimportant questions. Students could become reliable on this money or even could end up fighting over the money given out. Who
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