final paper rubric for Honors - 1 Biology 155 Criteria for...

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Biology 155 - Criteria for Final Chronobiology Paper (100 pt. total) Introduction Section 1. Provides 3-5 general statements about circadian rhythms and their importance to humans and/or other animals. 2. These general statements are the topic (first) or concluding (last) sentences of the paragraphs. 3. The general statements are expanded upon with support from the literature. 4. The supporting statements are referenced with literature citations that are in one of two forms (Last names of authors, year of publication) or (number from literature cited section). 5. The final sentence in the last paragraph of the Introduction section should contain a statement of the hypothesis to be tested in the study. (“In the current study, we are testing the hypothesis that…) 6. The narrative provides the average reader with a general background to the topic of circadian rhythms. Section Total (10 pt.) _________________________ Materials and Methods Section 1. Provides a general statement about the design of the experiment including that: a. measurements of three different functions were made. b. measurements were made at 12 time points throughout the 24-hour day/night period. c. data were collected over a period of 1 week during the appropriate quarter and year. 2. Mentions who the study subjects were including:
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final paper rubric for Honors - 1 Biology 155 Criteria for...

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