ancientchina3 - Archeological artifacts such as Chinese...

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Archeological artifacts such as Chinese oracle bones completely change how people think about the past… Oracle bones are the earliest examples of Chinese sentences… there are pottery markings prior to the oracle bones, but they are not sentences… The earliest oracle bones date to 1200BC and people probably wrote on wood before then but it did not survive… the language on the surviving oracle bones are pretty complex so language probably came to be at about 1500BC… Printing comes to china at about 1000AD… before that it was hand copied… The book of songs are transmitted tects… The records of the grand historian is a very famous ancient Chinese text by Sima Qian… He starts his history of china in the legendary past and all of Chinese history has declined since then… It sorta sounds like – this king took over … then he died… then he was succeeded… it is sorta like so… People sort of imagine emperors that are similar to the emperors of modern day… this is patently false… In 1899 in bejing there was an outbreak of malaria… people all started drinking dragon bone soup… shockingly there is no such thing as a dragon… it was like omega oil for Chinese people… they ground bones from Chinese druggists… it is ground up stuff that you add to hot water and drink… some chinese scholar who had been studying bronzes found these bones that had gotten by quality control… the characters on the dragon bones looked very very remote… older than the Chinese bronzes… eventually, a man found where the dragon bones came from and in 1928 there were finally excavations in An Yan in central china on the yellow river… In china in 1928, there is a new government in power in unified china and they fund the archeological excavations…
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ancientchina3 - Archeological artifacts such as Chinese...

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