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BME 110A BIOMECHANICS FALL 2006 Homework Assignment #1 Due October 10, 2006 9:30 AM 1- Practice Problem. Using Free body diagram and equilibrium condition find reaction forces in supports A and B of the following beam: Assume that the weight of the beam is negligible. 2- Analysis Problem, Problem 1.17 page 34 of Fung book 3- Design Problem, You are to design a loading dock requiring workers to lift 20 lb boxes from the floor walk 2-3 steps and put them on a platform. Compare the bending moment acting on the spinal column at the level of a lumbar vertebra and main force generated by acting muscles to enable the worker to perform the lifting for the following two body postures: A) Knees straight and back bent B) Straight back and knees bent Hints: Try to lift something with similar weight with two different body
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Unformatted text preview: posture and have a better sense about acting muscles and forces on your back. • Use your body dimensions whenever necessary if you are trying to perform any calculations • Clarify any assumptions you made for the formulation of the problem • Define clearly any length or dimension used in your equations • You may want to use figure P1.22 C when the major muscle acting in lifting is the back muscle. • There is no right or wrong answer to this problem, and your answer will be marked based on your ability to formulate a real life problem and describing your assumptions and justifications for the way that you formulated the problem. 100 N 200 N Ө =60º 3’ 3’ 3’ A B...
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