Syllabus - Syllabus BME110A BIOMECHANICS Fall Quarter 2006...

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Syllabus BME110A BIOMECHANICS Fall Quarter 2006 Catalog Data: BME110A Biomechanics I (Credit Units: 4) F. An introduction to continuum mechanics of both living and nonliving bodies. The laws of motion and free-body diagrams. Stresses. Deformation. Compatibility conditions. Constitutive equations. Properties of common fluids and solids. Derivation of field equations and boundary conditions. Applications to bioengineering design. Prerequisites: PHYS 7D, LD, 7E. (Design units: 1) Textbook: A first course in continuum mechanics for physical and biological engineers and scientists, 3 rd edition. Y.C. Fung Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 1993. Class Notes. Reference: None Prerequisite by Topics: 1. Classical Physics and Lab.: Electricity and magnetism. 2. Classical Physics: Fluids; oscillations; waves; optics. 3. Calculus 4. Differential Equations Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are to emphasize the formulation of problems in mechanics, to reduce vague ideas into precise mathematical statements and to cultivate a habit of questioning, analyzing, designing, and inventing in engineering and science. Relationship to Objectives: The course objective is related to the overall educational objective of the department which is to develop a fundamental understanding of the physical and analytical disciplines that provide the foundation of engineering and to use this knowledge to solve problems in biology and medicine.
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Course Outcomes : (1) The students will be able to describe the continuum
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Syllabus - Syllabus BME110A BIOMECHANICS Fall Quarter 2006...

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