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Dreadnought - Dreadnought Chapters 4 10 Reading Notes...

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Dreadnought: Chapters 4 – 10 Reading Notes Chapter 4 Bismarck’s Grand Design Otto von Bismarck -Preserve Status Quo, no more wars, 1871 -Writes up Austro-German Treaty of 1879 -In case of an attack on either country from Russia -Bismarck writes up a secret treaty with Russia, both countries accept it, called the Reinsurance Treaty -Creation of League of Three Emperors - Included Russia, Austria, and Germany -The Bismarckian System, many different treaties that confused the countries of Europe German Advances and Problems -German Expansion to other continents -British don’t to be allied with any European Nation -Germany starts to colonize Africa -1888 Kaiser William I dies, William II takes the thrown -Bismarck and William disagree over many issues -German labor rights like no child labor -William II fires Bismarck March 18, 1890 -Herbert Bismarck resigns as State Secretary for Foreign Affairs -1896 Bismarck reveals the secret Russian treaty against Austria, which enrages William -Bismarck dies July 30, 1898, but he ends on good terms with William Chapter 5 The New Course: Kaiser William II, Caprivi, and Hohenlohe Kaiser William II -He wished to be accepted as both an English Gentleman and a Prussian Warlord -He wishes to visit many places when his reign begins, and England is a big one -Queen Victoria invites William -Vicky, William’s mother dies of cancer in 1901, she spoke very badly of her son to foreign allies Georg Leo von Caprivi -He replaces Bismarck in 1890 as the new Chancellor; he is a model Prussian officer, age 59 -He was a great man of the army, rank: General of Infantry -Caprivi being Chancellor disturbed many officials in the German government, he was much more straightforward then Bismarck and simplistic -William assured all the foreign nations that things would be just the same as if Bismarck were still in office, but Caprivi didn’t know of anything, like the secret treaty with Russia
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-Caprivi is later informed of these things that were going on behind the publics back in Germany -William keeps interfering with Caprivi, so Caprivi tries to resigns in March of 1892 -William persistently infringed on Caprivi’s office and on October 26, 1894 Caprivi resigned. - Caprivi dies in 1899 Prince Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe -Hohenlohe takes over in October of 1894 as Chancellor -He was 75 in 1894, high in the aristocracy -He did not want to be Chancellor for these reasons: age, poor memory, illness, poor public speaker, not familiar with German politics or laws, not a solider, can manage without increased salary, his Russian connections, and he does not want all this responsibility. -All these reasons are overruled and he is installed in office from 1894 to 1900
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Dreadnought - Dreadnought Chapters 4 10 Reading Notes...

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