12. Octavian Augustus Caesar

12. Octavian Augustus Caesar - -Professionalized the army...

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Octavian Augustus Caesar - Adopted son of Julius Caesar, ruled from 63-14 BCE - Restored peace in the Roman Empire - Created the Roman Empire after the death of Julius - Created a special kind of monarchy known as the Principate o Disguised monarchy o Augustus ruled as the “first citizen” or Princeps o Maintained the old institutions, such as senate, consul, other officials, and the courts o Wanted to create the illusion of equality, and the idea that he was just another normal man - Regularized the army - Did not want generals to compete for government spots with aimless battles - Stopped the system of conquest for financial gain and popular prestige - Put his own personal soldiers inside the capital city
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Unformatted text preview: -Professionalized the army and provided them with weekly payment, retirement plans, and benefits o This eliminated the need for constant conquest as the soldiers had a steady supply of money-Praetorian guard in Rome-Improved the sewer system-Roman Baths-Cheap Grain, ensured even the poor had food-State subsidized gladiatorial fights Thesis: Octavian Augustus Caesar, while following in the footsteps of his adoptive father, also transformed the Roman nation in his own way by turning it into a full-blown Empire and stabilizing the population, regularizing the military, and creating his own type of monarchy, thus paving the way for future conquest and expansion....
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