10. Carthaginian Wars

10. Carthaginian Wars - Romans were able to maintain social...

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Carthaginian Wars - Series of three wars from 264-164 BCE - Carthage: wealthy North African city, gained independence in the 6 th Century from the Phonecians - Good location for trade, ports, and naval forces - Started with the 1 st Punic War o Rome was assisting Syracuse o Carthage notices this and starts a fight o Rome wins, controls Sicily - 2 nd Punic War o Carthaginians march to Italy over the northern mountains under the leadership of Hannibal o Hannibal turns back because Carthage is under attack, Romans win o Roman Victory Allies assisted Rome
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Unformatted text preview: Romans were able to maintain social stability at home-3 rd Punic War o Romans Destroy Carthage-Rome controls the Mediterranean Basin -Allows for expansion and the eventual creation of empire Thesis: The Carthaginian Wars, a series of conflicts between Carthage and Rome, allowed Rome to control the Mediterranean Basin – a hotbed for trade and a great staging area for naval power – and therefore laid the groundwork for later expansion of the Roman Empire....
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