Psychology as a Science

Psychology as a Science - Will Fonda Intro to Psychology...

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Will Fonda 5/12/2009 Intro to Psychology Lecture 2 Psychology as a Science Approaching Psychology: Common Sense (Nonscience) or Scientific Approach Approaches to Knowledge Descriptive Approach - Learn about things through the process of describing. - Example: Astronomy. - Conveying of knowledge through the verbal and pictorial description of events or circumstances. Rationalistic Approach - Logical organizing and analysis of existing information. - “Why would any rational person do that?” Scientific Approach - Discovery – generation of new knowledge. - Go out and acquire new information to serve as a path to knowledge. Restrictions and Assumptions of Science - Science deals only with the Empirical. - Empirical – information which arrives in the brain via one of the sensory channels. - “Do you believe in God?” No Empirical information, not in realm of science. - Science Assumes Orderliness - Scientists believe that there is an underlying pattern or order to all events, including behavioral events. - Makes no sense to seek the “Laws of Behavior” unless we assume behavior is lawful. - Science Assumes Determinism - All events are caused by earlier events. Earlier events determine which events will follow. - Causes always happen before their effects. - Prediction of future events is only possible if their cases are in the past. Our ability to predict the future demonstrates our understanding of what causes an event to occur in the first place. - The psychologist assumes that all behavior is determined by prior events. - Hence, all behavior is predictable.
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Psychology as a Science - Will Fonda Intro to Psychology...

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