15. Diocletian

15. Diocletian - o Failed-Creation of the Byzantine Empire...

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Diocletian - Ruled from 284-305 CE - Uneducated military man from Italy who ended the crisis of the third century by imposing some of the strongest forms of monarchy in history - Called himself the “Dominate” - Wanted to create “centralized control” - Restoring peace was difficult due to religious tensions between pagans, Christians and Jews - Traditional institutions, such as senators, consuls, and republican offices still existed, but all power rested with the Dominate - Divided the Empire into 4 administrative districts o Two in the West, Two in the East o Attempt to keep the imperial government from being isolated to the cities, and prevent civil war in the outlying territories
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Unformatted text preview: o Failed -Creation of the Byzantine Empire in the East-Created major economic problems such as inflation o Re-valued the currency by putting less silver into the coinage o Didn’t work-Focused too much on the military-Demanded increased taxes – pissed off the citizens-Persecuted the religious views of the Christians o Great Persecution Thesis: If Augustus Caesar can be seen as the starting point for the Roman Empire, Diocletian can be seen as the end, as his policies – including proclaiming himself Dominate, devaluing the currency, and separating the empire into four districts – were almost directly responsible for the breakup of the Roman Empire....
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