09. The Hellenistic Kingdoms

09. The Hellenistic Kingdoms - Ptolemies – Took control...

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The Hellenistic Kingdoms - A period of large scale Greek movement into the Near East from 323 to 30 BCE - Many new cultural interactions, international relations - Blends the Greek and Near Eastern art, science, philosophy, and religion (background for Christianity) - Influenced by Egypt and Southwestern Asia - New Kingdoms with monarchies, many different families establish themselves o Successor Kings rose up from the generals of the late Alexander the Great o 3 Main Kings Antigonids – Anatolia Seleucids – Mesopotamia/Iran
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Unformatted text preview: Ptolemies – Took control of Egypt All had conflicts with each other, all of their successes rested on themselves Had to convince the people through strength that they could run a society o New Hierarchy Royal Family Major City Elites Non Greek Elites Free Population Slaves (No Social Status) o Royal Wealth, ordinary people concentrating on their own matters, and interaction of diverse people-Importance of art-High Drama-Believed in materialism, Stoicism, and Epicureanism-...
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