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Sociology Paper 5 - William Fonda Intro to Sociology Paper...

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William Fonda 5/7/2009 Intro to Sociology Paper Opportunity 5 I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own – Deviance in Modern Society For my deviant act, I sat. That was it. The social norms and customs of our society made my predicament a bit more complex, but the only physical action I took was sitting down. To demonstrate the effect of deviance in today’s society, I sat in the lobby of the New York Yacht Club along with a close friend, and the reactions we received from the people around us clearly supported the three major interpretations of deviance. I believe it would first be pertinent to explain exactly what my deviant act was. Myself and a friend, who I will call Sally, were in New York City, and we saw a very fancy looking building. Sally said to me in passing “I wonder what it looks like from the inside,” and I instantly responded “Let’s find out, shall we?” and walked into the lobby. She followed, rather shocked, as I said “Good evening” to the receptionist and calmly sat in a large leather chair. The building, we later discovered, was the New York Yacht Club, which is a very prestigious organization founded in 1844. Membership is by personal invitation only, and the club has contributed much to the sport and science of yachting over the years. The lobby consisted of long marble hall with tables lined up along the walls, and large, plush black leather chairs surrounding the tables. Waitresses came around and took drink orders, and a majestic fireplace behind the front desk added to the ambience. A gigantic crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, serving simply to remind us that the object above our heads cost more than our two college educations put together. Sally took a seat next to me, and for about forty-five minutes we simply sat there. I was dressed in a worn green trenchcoat and fingerless gloves (or “hobo gloves,” as Sally called them), with faded jeans and dark brown work boots. Sally had a black
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Sociology Paper 5 - William Fonda Intro to Sociology Paper...

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