The Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution - The Scientific Revolution...

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The Scientific Revolution - Developed out of Christian beliefs questioning philosophers - Locke’s view that government’s purpose was only to protect life, liberty, and property - Locke says that everything comes from sensory experience, not from anything inherent in human nature - Revolution in astronomy, anatomy, medicine, and pharmacology - Astronomy is considered the “new science” - Creates conflict with the church: differing views about how planets and the sun move, are the heavens really perfect? - Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravity - Galileo supports the theories of Ptolemy and Copernicus stating that the sun is the center of the universe, not Earth - Church forbids him from teaching these theories - Andreas Vesalius learns how the heart and blood flow systems work - Scientific Method is developed - Magic and science are closely related - Witches and witchcraft become strong in the 17 th and 18 th centuries - 100,000 women tried and 50,000 executed for being witches - Through science, people could see that the world did have a natural order, and
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