06. The Athenian Golden Age

06. The Athenian Golden Age - The Athenian Golden Age...

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The Athenian Golden Age - Athens led an alliance called the Delian League, designed initially to protect from the Persians, who were still a threat - Every “ally” paid yearly dues to the Athenians, although these dues were required, so they were really tribute - Athens was controlling a small empire based on its naval superiority - Athens supplied warships to the other members of the Delian League; hence, without the support of Athens, the city-states had no military strength - Maintaining a naval force is ridiculously expensive: Athens starts raiding Persian territories for trade purposes - Sailors gain increased political importance - Athens develops into a Radical Democracy, institutions are popularized - All citizens are expected to play a role in government - Any citizen can bring charges against any other citizen, including officials o “Ostricism” – 10 year exile based on majority vote - Strengthening of citizen identity – good to be a citizen - Reason and rationality held in the highest esteem
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