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Constitutionalism - -Whigs and Tories band together because...

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Constitutionalism - A system of government in which the rule had to share power with parliaments made up of elected representatives - Foundation of Constitutionalism came from John Locke – theory on humans and social compacts - Made England very powerful - Developed in England - After a period of political instability, the monarchy was reinstated in 1660 with Charles II - King had a full partnership with Parliament - Two factions: Tories and Whigs - Tories – strong, hereditary monarchy, Anglican Church - Whigs – Parliamentary supremacy, toleration for Protestants
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Unformatted text preview: -Whigs and Tories band together because they hate Charles’ successor, James II-Invite the Dutch ruler William to rule with James’ oldest daughter, Mary-William and Mary have to accept a Bill of Rights, full constitutional partnership with Parliament-Known as the Glorious Revolution-Written legal basis for government: recognizing the parliament as an independent body that shared power with rulers-Also used successfully in Holland-Dutch become the most prosperous and best-educated people in Europe...
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