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01. The Neolithic Revolution

01. The Neolithic Revolution - The Neolithic Revolution Two...

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The Neolithic Revolution - Two different revolutions o Development of Agriculture Domestication of Livestock “Control” of Environment Agriculture o Capacity and Necessity of Settlement - Begins in different places at different times, all around 8,000 to 10,000 years ago - Humans had the capacity to alter the environment to support sustained living - “Devil’s Bargain” of the Neolithic o Agriculture lets you feed many people o Each individual is less healthy than they would be as a hunter-gatherer - Little diversity in diet with Agriculture - Grains and Legumes = basis of every society - Catal Hoyuk – Early Neolithic Settlement, pop. of about 8,000 people - Neolithic Revolution took place when people learned to farm and domesticate animals - First Farms were in the Near East’s Fertile Crescent region, came when a climate change brought more rainfall - Invention of agriculture by sowing seeds from one crop to produce another - Turning point in the way people interacted with the environment -
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