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03. The Development of Hebrew Monotheism

03. The Development of Hebrew Monotheism - -Area of the...

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The Development of Hebrew Monotheism - No source provides clear information on the origins of the Hebrews or their religion - Hebrew Bible, or the Christian Old Testament - Abraham led followers from Ur to Palestine - Divided into 12 tribes - Joseph brought the Hebrews to Egypt, became conscripted - Yahweh told Moses to lead the Hebrews out of bondage - Sealing of a covenant between the Hebrews and Yahweh at Mount Sinai o Hebrews worship Yahweh as their God, he makes them the chosen people - Religious and moral code – the Ten Commandments and the Torah - Hebrew law applied the same punishments to everyone, regardless of social status - Not yet monotheistic, because it didn’t deny the existence of other gods - Not monotheistic until well after 1000 BCE - Persian King Cyrus finally permitted the Hebrews to return to Palestine after he overthrew the Babylonian Empire
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Unformatted text preview: -Area of the Southern Hebrew Kingdom was called Judah, from which comes the name Jews-Remained subject to the political domination of various Near Eastern powers-Idea of a great judgment by God and rewards or punishments depending on whether they followed the laws or not o Apocalypticism o Influenced Christianity-Retained cultural identity by following their religion, no matter where they lived-Diaspora came to characterize their history-Made scripture important to religion, influenced Christianity and Islam, because all three religions put their sacred texts at the center of their beliefs Thesis: The development of Hebrew monotheism created the world’s first monotheistic religion, and laid the groundwork for the development of later monotheistic religions, such as Christianity and Islam....
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