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Absolutism - -Sun King-Believed he ruled by Divine...

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Absolutism - Developed by French King Louis XIV - Mother and her lover ruled when he was a child, were beset by numerous rebellions known as the Fronde - Louis vowed never to be embarrassed as his predecessors were - Developed an absolutist state - Nobles had large private armies and controlled their territories through military force - Louis domesticated the warrior nobles by replacing violence with court ritual - Made himself the center of Power and Culture by rewarding those he saw worthy and punishing the rest - Noble life soon became centered around pleasing the King and bettering one’s own position - Louis appreciated the political uses of art as a means to enhance his own prestige
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Unformatted text preview: -Sun King-Believed he ruled by Divine Right-Revoked the Edict of Nantes, eliminated all of the Calvinists’ rights-Set up Bureaucracy to enforce his authority-Louis’ main foreign policy goal was to extend French power in Europe-Built barracks in major towns, provided uniforms, controlled conscription, provided veterans with hospital care, huge army-Absolutism and warfare fed each other-Financed the warfare by expanding state control over finances, conscription, and military supplies-Most of the other European nations developed into their own systems of Absolutism...
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