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Chapter 2 Samantha Fasnacht Notes Responses 1. American schools are in session less days a year than schools in other industrialized countries. (p. 46) I wonder how American students are expected to compete with students in other nations if they do not have as much time to learn material. Is this maybe why America is losing jobs to people overseas, because Americans spend less time being educated and are consequently less educated? 2. Some schools are switching to modified school calendars, believing it will help raise test scores. (p. 48) I remember that the year-round charter school in Broward County switched back to a traditional schedule since students were actually scoring lower on a year-round schedule. 3. Secondary schools have started using block scheduling. (p. 50) I guess elementary schools would have no need for block scheduling since the classes are for the most part self- contained. Most students that young likely wouldn’t be able to pay attention for that long either. 4. Teachers have to be able to react
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