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DEJ Chapter 7 202

DEJ Chapter 7 202 - Chapter 7 Samantha Fasnacht Notes 1...

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Chapter 7 Samantha Fasnacht Notes Responses 1. Schools have administrators who run the everyday aspects of schools. (p. 239) I remember that one of my teachers in high school loved to explain how it wasn’t the teachers the students should dislike, but rather the administrators since they made all the crazy rules. 2. In elementary schools, subjects such as art, music, and PE are taught by specialists. (p. 240) In fifth grade, I had math and social studies enrichment classes that were taught by specialists. 3. Looping is when a teacher moves up to the next grade to teach the same students the next year. (p. 243) My AP Language teacher looped to teach AP Literature the next year, since he knew what we needed more practice with. 4. Roussea and Piaget believed that small children should not be taught with abstract symbols and words. They thought small children better understood concrete objects, and this belief is still held today. (p. 244) I learned about Piaget’s stages of child development in psychology classes.
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