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Chapter 11 Samantha Fasnacht Notes Responses 1. Teachers need to have clear goals in order to make decisions. (p.391) This makes sense. You can’t make decisions if you don’t know what you want. 2. Bloom’s Taxonomy involves six cognitive processes and four types of knowledge. It helps teachers think about their goals. (p. 392) One of my high school English teachers used to quiz students using questions grouped on a Bloom’s Taxonomy chart. Everyone used to try to get called on for the ‘remember’ questions since they were the easiest. 3. High-efficacy teachers produce students who are more educated than low-efficacy teachers do. (p.395) This seems like common sense: teachers who care about their students are going to care whether they learn or not. 4. Students see teachers are role models. (p. 396) This is why teachers have to be careful what they do even outside of class. Teachers are held to higher standards of behavior because children look up to them. I sometimes wonder why parents aren’t held to the same
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