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DEJ Chapter 12 202

DEJ Chapter 12 202 - Chapter 12 Samantha Fasnacht Notes 1...

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Chapter 12 Samantha Fasnacht Notes Responses 1. Most teachers today have at least one computer in their classrooms. (p. 436) I remember being really surprised when I heard that some of the other middle schools in my county didn’t have computers in every classroom. It had never occurred to me that teachers could function without PowerPoint presentations and online grade books. 2. Technology is most often used to support instruction. (p.438) This makes more sense than the teachers I had who had me learn half my lessons from websites on my own time instead of teaching like they were supposed to. 3. Many drill-and-practice software programs are disguised as games. (p.440) Examples of this are MathBlaster and Treasure Mountain. 4. Clicking on icons move the user of the hypermedia to another section of the program. (p. 442) It took me a long time to realize that the reason I didn’t think special edition DVDs were any better than the regular ones was because I was missing the hidden icons and therefore not
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  • Spring '07
  • word processors, powerpoint presentations, Samantha Fasnacht Notes, electronic gradebooks, drill-and-practice software programs

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