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Memory Links – Chapter 3 Sammy Fasnacht This information will be easy to remember because…. . I have made this memory link. The rational-linear model of planning involves first setting goals and then finding ways to accomplish the goals set. (p. 93) The rational-linear model is a logical, step-by-step process of planning. One definition of rational is logical and linear means a line drawn step-by-step by connecting points. Mental planning is thinking about past experiences before writing lesson plans. (p. 94) ‘Mental’ means involving your mind and mental planning is using your mind to think before you write lesson plans. Teachers who employ the economy principle make complex ideas simpler. (p. 107) When I think of economy, I think of the economy sized
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Unformatted text preview: boxes of Cheerios sold at Sam’s Club. The box opens to reveal two regular size boxes that are simpler to hold and pour from; just like the economy principle says to make a big idea simpler. A Gantt chart, a way of time-tabling, shows how parts make up the whole by showing where each work piece starts and ends. (p. 122) Gantt starts with the letter ‘G’ just like the word ‘go’ does. A Gantt chart shows how pieces go in relation to each other. Unit planning is planning many lessons that are connected. (p. 119) When I think of a unit, I think of the quote, “He’s part of the unit,” from Buffy. So just like Buffy needs all of the Scoobies to be the Scooby Gang, many related lessons are needed to form a unit plan....
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