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Memory Links – Chapter 4 Sammy Fasnacht This information will be easy to remember because…. . I have made this memory link. Intrinsic motivation comes from a child’s interest, while extrinsic motivation comes from an outside force. (p. 138) Intrinsic motivation comes from the inside and ‘intrinsic’ starts with ‘in’. Also, extrinsic motivation requires something ex tra to motivate a person. Reinforcers help persuade people to repeat a behavior by either adding or subtracting stimulus events. (p. 139) Positive reinforcers add stimulus events, while negative reinforcers subtract stimulus events. Things that students can be seen actually
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Unformatted text preview: doing are classroom activities. (p. 148) The stem of activities is active. When students are active doing things, they are engaged in classroom activities. When students are told how well they performed on a particular task it is called feedback. (p. 158) Most feedback is in the form of grades, where students are given their papers back with comments and grades on them. Group development is the four stages that a classroom group develops in. (p. 162) A group ‘goes for’ four stages of development. The ‘g’ of goes mimics group and the ‘for’ mimics the four stages....
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