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Memory Links – Chapter 12 Sammy Fasnacht This information will be easy to remember because…. . I have made this memory link. A U-shaped seating pattern has the student desks in a semi-circle around the teacher’s desk (p.423) The U -shaped seating pattern forms a U with the desks. The circle seating pattern has the student desks in a circle with the teacher’s desk included. (p. 423) The circle seating pattern forms a circle with the desks. A debriefing helps students understand how the discussion went. (p. 430) In army movies a debriefing happens after all the action has occurred, so a debriefing occurs after the
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Unformatted text preview: classroom discussion and is about understanding what happened. Buzz groups are three to six member groups where one member records all the ideas the group comes up with on a specific topic. (p. 432) Buzz groups are basically a way for groups to brainstorm, and buzz groups and brainstorm both start with ‘b’. Paraphrasing means to put ideas into your own words. (p. 433) ‘Para’ is a Spanish word meaning ‘for’, and paraphrasing is explaining ideas ‘for yourself’, by putting them in your own words....
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