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Memory Links ch7

Memory Links ch7 - formation is really just turning the...

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Memory Links – Chapter 7 Sammy Fasnacht This information will be easy to remember because….. I have made this memory link. Factual knowledge is when a person knows the basic components of a subject. (p.260) Factual knowledge is the basic facts a person knows about a concept. Long-term memory is the part of the mind where information is stored. (p.261) Long-term memory is like long-term parking at the airport: it is one giant storage center where you leave things until they’re needed again just like you leave your car until you get back. The row-and-column formation is a way to organize desks in the classroom. (p. 270) A synonym of ‘desk’ is ‘table’ and the row-and column
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Unformatted text preview: formation is really just turning the classroom into a life-size table with rows and columns of students instead of data. Checking for understanding is making sure that students know and comprehend what is being taught. (p. 278) The root of ‘checking’ is ‘check’ like a check mark on an assignment for doing everything right. So checking for understanding is making sure everyone will get a check mark. Prior knowledge is what a student knows about a subject preceding instruction. (p. 262) ‘Prior’ means ‘before’ so prior knowledge is what you know before you walk into class and start learning....
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