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Memory Links – Chapter 6 Sammy Fasnacht This information will be easy to remember because…. . I have made this memory link. Formative evaluations are evaluations done prior to or during instruction in order to help with planning. (p.211) The root of ‘formative’ is ‘form’, and formative evaluations help form plans. Summative evaluations use knowledge about students following specific lessons to see how well the precise goals were met. (p.211) The word ‘summative’ is similar to ‘summary’ and summative evaluations are really just summaries of what the students learned from specific lessons. The four general principles that should help teachers in creating their own tests are to assess all instructive objectives, cover all cognitive domains, use appropriate test items, and use tests to improve learning. (p.227) The mnemonic “For Aslan always intends only
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Unformatted text preview: correct and cognizant defense unless a terrible item unintentionally tends to interfere lovingly.” has the “for” for the four general principles and then the first letter of each word corresponds to the first letter of each word in the general principles. Constructed-response items are test questions where students have to provide their own answers as in essays, short answers, and fill in the blank items. (p.228) When I think of “constructed” I think of construction and building. Constructed-response items are questions where students have to build their answers into the proper responses. Performance assessments require students to prove that they can do a particular task. (p.235) The verb form of ‘performance’ is ‘perform’ and performance assessments require students to perform tasks....
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