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Samantha Fasnacht January 28, 2007 NAS 106 Demo Lab 1 Impulse – Momentum Relationship: Board/Paper Break The demonstration will show exactly what happens when momentum is decreased over a short time in order to demonstrate an impulse-momentum relationship in a way that elementary school aged children can understand it. The actual demonstration requires nothing more than a single piece of paper, a person to hold that one piece of paper, and a person to actually perform and explain the demonstration. For the first part of the demonstration, the paper holder will hold up the paper as if it were a board to be broken in tae kwon do. The ‘board breaker’ will apply a force to the paper by going through the motion of punching the paper; however, the force will be applied for a relatively long time. Basically, the punch will be thrown in slow motion, and the paper or imaginary board will not break. For the second part of the demonstration, the paper holder will again hold up the paper in position as if it were a board to break. This time the
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