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Samantha Fasnacht HIS 205 Midterm The War for American Independence was the war in which the American colonies won their independence from England. General and underlying causes as well as other events led to the Revolutionary War. There were three general causes for the War for American Independence. The first was America’s escalating independence from British colonial government. This was because of the policy of salutary neglect that had been occurring, with England generally avoiding or ignoring American affairs. The second was the beginning of a common interest between the colonies. Trade and wars caused the colonies to interact with each other more and more frequently. The colonies also all reacted with dismay to the desire of Britain to control the colonies and make sure the navigation acts were enforced. In addition to these general causes, there were subtler causes for the war. Five factors made up the underlying causes for the War for American Independence. They were economic, political, religious, social, and psychological factors. The economic factor was Parliament starting the Revenue Act of 1764 as a way of paying for the Seven Years’ War after the colonies had gained the “power of the purse” in the years earlier. The political factor was the difference in what the British and the colonists considered important. The colonists believed documents and charters were more important, while the British believed customs and procedures were more important. As for the religious factor, Britain was mostly Anglican and the colonies were for the most part Protestant dissenters who had fled from religious persecution in Britain in the first place. The social factor came from the fact that the majority of the immigrants to America between 1750 and 1775 were not British and therefore had no loyalty to Britain. The psychological factor involved the colonists developing pride in being Americans and feeling different from the British. These five factors as well as the three general causes led to the Revolutionary War, but there were other events that also led to the war. One such event was the Seven Years’ War. Fought between the English and the French, the Seven Years’ War had a smaller component known as the French and Indian War fought on American soil by for the most part Americans. The Seven Years’ War caused battles to be fought on the lands of American colonists and for Britain to try and pay for the war by later taxing the colonists. This was just one of many events that led to the War for American Independence. Another cause was the Proclamation of 1763.
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Midterm Essay - Samantha Fasnacht HIS 205 Midterm The War...

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